Winter Wind (Chopin): Chromatic Line Over A Minor

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I started practicing Chopin's Winter Wind étude (Op. 25, No. 11). My goal is to play at least the first page of the piece in a decent tempo. At the beginning I took a closer look at the melody. The first descending line is a chromatic scale over an A minor chord. The A minor chord is not just played by the left hand, but also interspersed with the chromatic scale: every second note is from that chord. This is fairly easy to remember, but not so easy to play at speed.

First theme of Chopin's Winter Wind étude

Chromatic line over A Minor from Chopin's Winter Wind étude

To avoid developing bad habits, I decided to pick one fingering and stick with it. I tried a few different options to see what feels most comfortable and ergonomic. In the end, I stayed with Chopin's fingering of the first edition from 1837. Now I'm repeating this line in all kinds of rhythms. I'm still pretty slow, but it's interesting to observe how the brain is automating stuff and already after one night, there is quite a bit of progress.